He’s no Jerry Seinfeld

I am married to Even Steven. He wins, he loses, but he always breaks even in the end. If he wins at the card table on Saturday night, Findley will need money for a school event on Monday morning. If his car breaks down and he’s stuck with costly repairs, he will get a year-end bonus he wasn’t expecting. He’s just lucky that way, always has been. His son, however, doesn’t fare as well – he’s no Jerry Seinfeld.

Findley has been playing Chutes and Ladders since January and can’t get a break.  But if the poor kid can’t win at least he is persistent. He loses to me on an almost daily basis, he has lost to his dad, his nanny and even his grandma. On Monday night no one was interested, so he asked his sister to play. She agreed but got distracted after the first spin. While she went off with Barbie, he played both sides through to the end. Even without touching the board, his sister was able to beat him.

It may just be the randomness of the game working against him because he is a maniac at Tabletop Hockey. He challenges everyone who walks through the door, even soliciting friends off the street to come in for a quick game. He is the all-around undefeated champion at our house. He will even offer to leave his net unattended for the first two goals, just to give his poor mom a bit of an advantage.

Maybe I’m wrong – I think he’s a little Jerry Seinfeld in the making after all. Now we just have to work on the comedy…

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