The Sunday Six-Pack

This has been another whirlwind weekend, sandwiched between hockey games and practices. Here’s the recap:

6. Bronwyn let me trim her hair this afternoon. She’s been fighting the hairdresser for weeks, asking to grow her hair so she can wear a ponytail like her nanny Mary. By this morning the poor little girl could hardly see and something had to be done. I managed to convince her to let me trim her bangs. I figured, worse case scenario, we’d end up having a pro fix it later. I don’t think it looks too bad, as long as we sweep it to the side and tie it with a clip. Maybe I’ll make an appointment for her…

5. We took the train downtown on Saturday night. The kids really enjoy the ride and insist we sit in the first car, preferably right behind the conductor. They compromised and sat on the second level this time, and kept everyone in the car updated on the scenery whizzing by. Every once in a while passengers would erupt in giggles when Finn and Bronwyn would yell out “I see a building, I see a building, look at that building Daddy!”

4. The reason we went downtown on Saturday night was to take Kyle to a Toronto Rock Lacrosse game. The game can be rough and the rivalries intense, and the Rock didn’t disappoint. They were playing  their biggest rivals, the Buffalo Bandits. The first half of the game lasted an hour and the fists were flying. Almost every five minutes the whistle blew and another player left the field bloodied and bruised. We were all glued to our seats – except Bronwyn who just wanted to shop for souvenirs and drink fizzy pop.

3. I ventured out to the mall on Saturday afternoon. It’s a rare occasion and Finn and Kyle came for the ride. I had a few errands to run and the boys decided to visit the pet and toy shops. Finn had some allowance money burning a hole in his pocket and Kyle did a great job keeping him focused and on budget. We came home with a Mr. Potato Head that has not yet left Finn’s side. This morning he pulled out his Buzz toy, put on a cowboy hat (he was assuming the role of Woody) and set off on a few adventures. After dinner, he told me that next time I take him to the mall, he is going to buy a gift for his sister – a Mrs. Potato Head so they can play together. My heart melted. He can be such a sweet boy. Then he locked Bronwyn in the bathroom….

2. Dean has gone to help Ben at his new property. He’s getting ready to build in the spring and has quite a bit of work to do clearing the lot. Dean packed as though he was going to hunt seals in the arctic, not spend the night at his sister’s in the Kawarthas (the same sister who greets you at the door in a tank top in February). Apparently we are heading into another deep freeze and Dean wanted to be prepared… I hope he survives the night!

1. The biggest treat of the weekend was a rare visit from cousin Kyle. The kids wanted to stay up to greet him on Friday night but he arrived long after they were asleep. When he came into the kitchen on Saturday morning Bronwyn was a bit confused – she wanted to know why Kyle would travel in his jammies. We had a great visit and Dean is happy to have finally balanced the speakers in the rec room. I think it was an excuse for the two of them to hide out in the basement with chips an a movie, but what do I know?

Kyle, rest up – we are coming north for March Break and have big plans.

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