Taking it Outside

It seems all we do is move snow these days. And by “we”, I mean Dean. He has spent the last two Saturdays shoveling the driveway, clearing paths to the shed and play fort, and clearing off the deck for hockey practice. It’s quite an undertaking and although the kids like to help out, they are easily distracted.
This weekend, Dean took things one step further and piled the snow on the steps of the deck to create a little toboggan run for the kids. Being right off the deck, Finn, and especially Bronwyn, could get up and down easily. Dean insisted his “hill” leaned a bit to the right, and he had to be there to steady the kids before they could slide down, but I think it was an excuse to test the runs and play on the hill with the kids.

The thee of them spent the better part of Saturday afternoon going up and down, sliding around the backyard. The weather wasn’t too cold and it was nice to see everyone getting some fresh air. It took promises of hot cocoa and marshmallows to finally convince them to come inside.

It reminded me of winters when I was little and the toboggan runs my Pops used to build. I hope they remember days like this when they are older – they are lucky to have such a great dad.

We are sending birthday wishes to another great guy – Uncle Darrell is sharing his special day with Sully. I hope they both get cake for desert. 

One thought on “Taking it Outside

  1. Always wanted my Dad to enjoy the fun of “Winter”, especially with tobogganing being a highlight when the snow was in good condition. I guess special memories with our Dad's can span all seasons, it's the one's that can put a smile on your face years later and instantly take you back in time when playing outside in the cold really warmed the heart…


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