I’ll Spare you the Details

I wasn’t sure I had a post in me today, until I stepped into my elevator on my way back from lunch. The elevators in my building have little TV screens in them, running a continuous a news feed. These screens are set up so that no one has to feel awkward standing in an elevator, desperately not trying to make eye contact.

When I stepped in and looked up, I thought it was a joke. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council decided on Wednesday to ban Dire Straits’ classic 1980s song “Money for Nothing” because the song includes the word “faggot”, and this may be offensive to the gay community. You can read a full article on this  Here.

By the time I stepped out of the elevator I had already put together a rant about censorship and Big Brother deciding our moral code for us. but then I stopped. This blog is not my soapbox. It is not about my political, social or moral views. They will factor into my posts, on occasion, but my focus is on my family and our life, so I’ll spare you the rant and post a few random pictures of Bronwyn instead.

You can thank me later.


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