Did you do this?

On Sunday afternoon, we were minding our own business, watching football and playing in the living room when suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a knock on the door. It was Canada Post with a package addressed to me! Now I know what you are thinking – “Canada Post? On a Sunday?” I asked the mail guy that exact question myself. He shrugged, handed me the package and left. No sense of humour.

I hadn’t ordered anything online and wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered, so I was stumped as to what this could be. I double-checked the address, and sure enough, it had my name on it. I love mail, any mail, and a package is irresistible so I ripped into it right away. Inside were two more smaller boxes, but no clues as to the sender. This was getting exciting. And confusing. By this time the kids had gathered around, curious and hopeful the contents might be for them.

I opened the first little box, and out came a little glass Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player. The second held his rival, an intricate little Montreal Canadiens player – It’s no wonder they were separated for travel!

We still don’t know the source of this charming gift. I’d like to properly thank the generous soul who sent it, and have my suspicions as to the culprit. If this was your handiwork, or you know whose it is, please leave me a note here in comments section.
And Thank You. I hope Findley shares them with me – they will look great in our tree next Christmas.

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