A home for Icey

Three years ago we moved. I was pregnant with Bronwyn and we had outgrown our little bungalow. The market was hot and the house sold quickly. We were happy to start on this new chapter of our lives in a more spacious environment. We did all of the normal things people do when they get ready to move – we hired the moving company, scrounged for boxes, decided what we wanted to keep and sold off or donated the things we didn’t need.

Back in the day, before kids, we spent most of our free time working and playing in the garden. The grounds of our little bungalow were filled with all types of exotic plants and it was nothing to spend a Saturday driving hours just to discover a new variety of day lily. Dean being Dean, we also had a little pond, complete with water fountain and goldfish. It was his mission to keep those goldfish safe from the raccoons who visited nightly looking for snacks.  Dean put up a good fight but sadly, most of the fish fell to those raccoons.

This is why, the weekend before the move, Dean didn’t think anything of breaking the ice that had formed in the pond to ready it for the upcoming trip. Well, wasn’t he surprised to see a little orange fish, nearly frozen, just beneath the surface ice. That is how the original ‘Icey’ came to be Finn’s pet. Icey lasted about four months “in captivity” on Finn’s bedside table.

Fast forward three years. Findley came home on Sunday from a friend’s birthday party. The theme was Little Mermaid and the loot bag held a little goldfish in a small bowl. Of course he was christened ‘Icey’ and under no circumstances could he live in Finn’s aquarium and mingle with the other fish. This little guy belonged in a bowl beside his bed.

Tonight it was Icey’s turn to move into bigger digs. I hope he likes the new place, and I hope he realizes he has some big fins to fill.

One thought on “A home for Icey

  1. The pictures are great Jenny, especially liked the stamp Jenny Michel photos, nice ring to it. Even more so the stories, really enjoying feeling a part of the Toronto Michel clan. Sorry didn't send the ornaments. Wish I had.


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