True Confessions

I have something very important to share with everyone. I understand I may lose some of the few followers I have accumulated, but I have to confess. It’s been eating me all day. You see, I am a fraud. I watch the shows, collect the books, clip the magazine articles and follow all of the trendy blogs but…

Here goes…

Are you ready? (Yes, I am stalling.)

 I… sometimes… bake… from mixes.

Yes, yes I know. I am not the person you thought I was. I feel the shame and disapointment.

And I have something else to say: Mixes taste good. I always add a few personal touches to make it my own, but these days, I can’t argue with the convenience. Regardless of the number preservatives in the package.

We kicked off the weekend with some oatmeal chocolate chip muffin mix that we upgraded with fresh bananas and coconut. I would have documented them here, but they were so tasty they disappeared before I had the opportunity. So… I pulled the ready-made cookie dough from the fridge this afternoon and got to work. For the cost of a measuring cup of chocolate chips to “test”, my young helper keeps me company and gets half of the credit.

From fridge to cooling rack, these bad boys took no more than  20 minutes. You can’t beat it.

Yes, I still like to play with more complicated recipes and do bake most of my treats from scratch. But on weekends like this one, filled with activities and little time for anything else, I am more than happy to pull some mixes out of the pantry and treat the family to some fresh baked goodies. No apologies.

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