Someone cried himself to sleep last night, and it wasn’t Dean.
Those young Canadian hockey players broke my poor little boy’s heart. He has vowed never to watch another World Juniors championship or Olympic hockey match again. I may finally have someone to sit through The Sound of Music or Dirty Dancing with – or will Julie and Patrick just drive him back to the rink?

On a brighter side, after a wet and mild New Year, we are finally getting some snow in the city. It has been coming down on and off for the last two days. The kids love it. They have been tobogganing, attempted a few snow men and even shoveled the driveway. Twice. And to ice this creamy white cake, there were only a handful of kids at swimming lessons tonight. I say bring on winter!

**I am going to finish this post with a shout out to Grandma for the great robes she made the kids for Christmas. They will definitely be featured in an upcoming post. The worked brilliantly to keep the kids warm and dry and were the talk of the pool!

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